It is photo studio question

Q. Check-in, time for check-out?
 A. ..., check-out are last 10:00 check-in by normal plan at 14:00. Besides please reserve by plan after having confirmed time of plan you like as there is plan of different time.
In addition, as for the extension of check-out, one you like, please report to longest 12:00 p.m. as we have 2, 000 yen (tax-excluded) together with one hour per room.

Q. Is there parking lot?
 A. Yes, there is free parking lot. Person in charge of vehicle takes car of visitor in front of the entrance and moves to this hotel back parking space. In addition, as large vehicle is impossible of parking, you use sightseeing in Kusatsu Bus Terminal neighboring hot water field parking lot (※ pay), and this hotel takes sightseeing buses to and from. In the case of group, please refer to this hotel beforehand.

Q. Can we leave car, baggage before check-in?
 A. I take with both. As car taking becomes movement in this hotel back parking space, we have you gather up baggage in front of one ahead, the entrance, and it is custody with procedure of reception desk. But we would like beforehand to have you manage by all means at hand about valuables.

Q. The last check-in time?
 A. In start time for dinner, it usually becomes - or 19:00 ... at 18:00. Arrival is after 18:00; when is, I would like prior notification or notification of the day.

Q. Is there elevator in hall? 
 A. There are two elevators in hall. In the case of guidance to room, we explain, but it is two of thing which room from large communal bath can get on and off on the day that we have you get on and off from counter to room.

Q. Can you use wheelchair in hall?
 A. The use of wheelchair in hall is possible. If there is prior proposal, we arrange wheelchair. But, please understand beforehand as the hall does not become structure for barrier-free.

Q. Is there non-smoking room?
 A. As this museum does not establish non-smoking room, you can smoke in room. Person worried about smells of room has you report beforehand and deodorizes with machine of ozone. In addition, we establish smoking space as smoking is prohibited in common use part of entrance or restaurant.

Q. Of bathing, pregnancy average of baby can take a bath?
 A. Hot water of Kusatsu becomes "strong acid spring". Child having child having weak skin or inflammation of skin, please be careful. About pregnant person, please need attention later with the early days in particular. In addition, we think that you may have you talk with family doctor even if we do toward whichever.
※Please refer to this hotel homepage [taboo symptom].

Q. Is admission of pet possible?
 A. Pet which had you be of visitor does not accept in hall in this hotel. As you show around hotel for exclusive use of pet in Kusatsu-machi, please refer beforehand to this hotel.
Q. Are advance reservations of chartered open-air bath possible?
 A. We do not receive advance reservations before staying. We ask about time at the time of check-in and, after arrival of the staying day, accept.

Q. Is menu change of allergy and ingredients which we do not like possible?
 A. As you cope as much as possible, please report at the time of reservation by all means. Person having severe allergy talks about request in particular. In addition, please refrain from proposal of the day before, the day of accommodation date if possible. (on account of the stocking of ※ ingredients, we may not cope.)

Q. When we stay consecutively, does dish change?
 A. Yes, we change. It becomes dish of Japanese dishes, but we change menu and prepare.

Q. We want to go by winter time, car, how long is the snow?
 A.Time with the first snow of Kusatsu is from the end of January to the end of April after new year begins, but, through one year, I would like the equipment, wearing from time that please is early as there is about "carrying of tire chain" "wearing of studless tire" in year with the snow by the end of November before the new year, and temperature becomes below the freezing point, and there is fear of freeze of road. As you show around the weather situation and traffic condition before accommodation date, please refer to this hotel casually.
In addition, please planned coming from the Nagano area, please be careful as it is suspension of traffic every year in Shiga Kusatsu Heights route of National highway No. 292 for the winter season until the end of April from the middle of November to the next year.

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First proprietress Oshima tami
Gold green in the days of the Taisho era
It is founded in 1902

The entrance
It is entrance counter
It is silver banquet room
Teahouse of stand, wisteria
Flower arrangement in hall
Courtyard, Japanese anemone

Field of design room, Yamabuki
Friendship of design room, dusk
Friendship of design room, dusk
Beautiful way of design room, indigo plant
Beautiful way of design room, indigo plant
Special room
Special room
Standard room
Standard room

Gentlemen large communal bath amber, inside bath
Gentlemen large communal bath amber, open-air bath
Woman large communal bath Japanese crested ibis, inside bath
Woman large communal bath Japanese crested ibis, open-air bath
Chartered open-air bath, rhododendron of detached room
Chartered open-air bath, magnolia of detached room

It is the fresh green restaurant
The fresh green, lounge seat
The fresh green, private room (winter winter)

One sashimi
Joshu wheat pork grated yam shabu-shabu
One dish

Cityscape and nature of Kusatsu

Hot water field overlook
netsu*yuyu fir tree and dance
West riverbank outdoor bath
Willow herb
Scenery from this Shirone dicentra lift
Bow pond in the days of colored leaves
The neighborhood of arms de-pond in the days of colored leaves
Kusatsu-machi from Mt. Shirane
Colored leaves of the neighborhood of Mt. Shirane ropeway
A coat of ice
Mt. Shirane, snow scene

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