In-house facility

Guidance in hall
※We extract [bookmark CONCEIRGE of stay] to see in each room. ◆We increase when we click.

It is the restaurant "fresh green" that there is Shinwa-style breath while having heart in old days.

The fresh green is discerning restaurant using wood, wall materials of local Gunma, glass.

In Kusatsu profound space feeling seasonal color, please have specialty special dish.

※When we get up for various plans, there is plan to have you have with plan and [the restaurant fresh green] by [meal in the room].
※Besides please be careful by accommodation plan as there is plan not to be possible of choice of meal place.
Wi-Fi became able to use in common use part of the restaurant "fresh green" 1F counter "entrance".

Fresh green private room (spring spring, summer summer, autumn autumn, winter winter)

In very calm private room space where there was wrapped in gentle light of indirect lighting when we entered at entrance such as hideaway…
Couple can enjoy meal only in friends family slowly.

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Fresh green lounge seat

There is vaunted fireplace in the center of lounge seat full of warmth of tree.
We can enjoy meal relaxedly in winter while watching warmth home fire.

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Japanese apricot with red blossoms, young bamboo, madder, silver

It is banquet ground of and various groups of families.
As limit is in banquet room, please order you like at the time of reservation.

Banquet room silver
Banquet room Japanese apricot with red blossoms

Reservation is possible from smartphone site. We read the two dimensions code mentioned above and can access.